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Urgent care positions are now available with help from a top medical recruiter. MD & DDS Resources has been one of the most successful recruitment firms in the medical and dental recruitment industry since 1999. Our staff has over 25 years of combined experience in the industry, and each consultant is highly trained in recruiting for urgent care jobs. Take advantage of the extensive knowledge and experience we bring to the table by letting us help you conduct your professional job search. Our number one goal is to help you move forward in your career.


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The services we offer at MD & DDS Resources are completely confidential, and you can rest assure that utilizing our quality services will not cost you a cent. We take it upon ourselves to serve as your guide throughout the entire job search process. Not only will we present you with the best urgent care positions based on your preferences, but we will also give you information about pursuing and securing jobs you are interested in:


  • How to construct an impeccable CV and cover letter
  • How to present yourself professionally to employers
  • How to interview well and receive feedback from potential employers
  • How to discuss contract terms and compensation with potential employers
  • How to stay current on the latest urgent care positions available in your area


We have access to a nationwide network of over 1,300 organizations and 8,000 clinics all across the continental United States, so regardless of where you want to live, we can find great urgent care opportunities for you. If you wish to develop yourself professionally, then let MD & DDS Resources help you conduct your job search.

No matter what your professional goals, we are the organization best suited to help you realize them.  Contact us today!

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