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At MD & DDS Resources, our staff has over 25 years of combined experience working with individuals searching for nurse practitioner positions and psychiatric nurse practitioner jobs.  Our experience helps our candidates overcome distinctive challenges and stresses that nurse practitioners face when looking to make a career change.  We work closely with candidates and organizations to place the most highly qualified candidates with the best hospitals and clinics.


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Your recruiter is trained specifically on placing nurse practitioners and pairing psychiatric nurse practitioner jobs with the ideal candidates.  Rest assured we will take careful consideration of your professional and personal needs when recommending positions to you.


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FQHCs nationwide have named MD & DDS Resources as their preferred recruiting agency. As a result, we have many positions for medical professionals who wish to serve their community in this type of capacity.  If you looking for psychiatric nurse practitioner jobs with FQHCs or with positions with tax free loan repayment options let us help with our unique network of contacts.


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