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Let our highly trained consultants help you find cardiology jobs that are right for you. At MD & DDS, our staff has over 25 years of experience in the medical recruiting industry. Our extensive, nation-wide network of 1,300 organizations and 8,000 clinics combined with our commitment to personalized customer service make us a medical recruiting industry leader. Contact us today to learn more about why physicians have been coming to us to find cardiologist positions since 1999.


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We know that, as a busy medical professional, it is not easy to find time to scour the internet for cardiology jobs. When you let MD & DDS Resources help you with your job search, we will take over the task of finding jobs compatible with your goals and lifestyle. Your personal consultant, who will be specifically trained in recruiting for cardiology jobs, will recommend to you jobs that ideally match your needs.


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  • We help you create CVs and cover letters to convey your worth as a cardiologist.
  • We prepare you for interviews, helping you present yourself professionally to employers.
  • We give you feedback from potential employers after your interview.
  • We offer you suggestions as to how to ask for an offer and negotiate contract terms.
  • We continue to provide you with new cardiology jobs available in your area.


Take advantage of our services, which are free and confidential for physicians. We are committed to helping you find the perfect cardiologist job!


Do you have debt from school? Many of the positions we offer have loan repayment benefit options. View our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about loan repayment.


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