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Opportunity Details

Job Title: FP/OB position available outside of Fresno, CA
State: California
Region: United States
Position Description:

FP/OB position available outside of Fresno, CA

Job Description

This fantastic Family Practice position is being offered at a facility just outside of Fresno, CA! The organization will also be opening a NEW 12, 000 square foot facility in May 2012! Due to the ethnicities and cultural beliefs of many of the practice's patients, an ideal candidate for this position would be a Spanish-speaking, female Family Practitioner who wants to do in-patient and ambulatory care OB. The ability to speak Spanish for this position is very important because about 70% of the patients speak Spanish. The organization would like to hire an individual with a strong sense of mission, demonstrated by working with domestic underserved communities or overseas in the past.  This is a great opportunity and offers a competitive salary and excellent opportunities for loan repayment.

Location Description


The practice offering this position is set in a rapidly growing, energetic rural area just outside of Fresno, CA with a very large Hispanic population. Efforts to run local businesses and to increase community development in this area have been very successful! The community prides itself on its volunteerism and civic engagement. It is a town with a strong heritage and great pride! It also has many parks and recreational areas to enjoy along with a wonderful school system. The town is also well known for its youth sports program which has one many awards throughout the surrounding area! The cost of living and the housing are very affordable compared to other communities in the area. The town is well known for its Farmer's Market which runs from June through September every year!  Agriculture is important part of this city's economy, and there is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables available!  The town is full of young residents starting families and trying to make a life of their own. It is a wonderful area to truly get involved in the community and try to make a difference! The town is not far from the large city of Fresno and has an airport nearby for convenient travel.