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Family Physician Assistant Arizona , United States
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Job Title: Physician Assistant
State: Arizona
Region: United States
Position Description:

Physician assistants work in hospitals, clinics, and other types of health facilities, and exercise autonomy in medical decision making as determined by their supervising physician.

Job Description

          This health care agency has a history of serving the population of its Arizona community for about 40 years. The agency has expanded to include multiply facilities in the area with over 18,000 patients. This agency prides itself on providing a patient-centered, integrated medical home model of care to all of its patients. The agency’s services are available to anyone seeking health care and their sites employ financial counselors to work closely with patients to ensure affordability of healthcare services. The health care providers employed at their facilities are actively engaged in the community they serve through health fairs, educational seminars, school programs, and partnerships with other local organizations. Their facilities are also equipped with state of the art technology including the usage of electronic medical records.

                The facility currently in need of a PA is a multi-provider site located northeast of Tucson, AZ. Candidates bilingual in Spanish and English are preferred.  


Location Description

This facility is located in a very scenic area of Arizona with a beautiful mountain range visible just outside of this small town in eastern Arizona. This community does have a significant Hispanic population which adds to its unique cultural atmosphere. A majority of the residents of this community are young and family life is of great importance. The region has a warm dessert climate most of the year and agriculture is the main industry in the area. This community also offers some unique leisure activities such as an observatory located in the nearby mountains.  If you are looking for a small town with lots of sunshine and a welcoming, family friendly environment, this may be the right fit for you!