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Job Title: * Dentist *
State: Texas
Region: United States
Position Description:

General dentist

Job Description


A full time, exempt position responsible for providing preventive and primary dental care consistent with the dentist's training and experience in a community health center setting.

Requires a comprehensive knowledge of primary dental care in an out-patient clinical setting. Knowledge of the principles and practice of modern dentistry. The Staff Dentist must be cognizant of the prevalent health and social stressors on the patients and the impact of these on their practice of dentistry. A Staff Dentist must be able to treat patients from a diversity of social and ethnic backgrounds and to work creatively as a member of the health oriented team composed of health care professions from a variety of disciplines for the healing and betterment of patients. 

Retirement plan, cellular phone, medical insurance, dental insurance, relocation expenses covered.

Location Description

 Welcome to Nacogdoches, the Garden Capital of Texas. Known as the First Town in Texas - or The Oldest Town in Texas - it is in Nacogdoches that you walk in the footprints of history.  Texas starts here. For centuries the people who have called these lush forests home cultivated the land and tended gardens that nourished the body and spirit. Our streets are lined with landmarks sacred to Texas history. Caretakers of these historic places diligently preserve the original atmosphere with eye-catching landscaping and native plants.