J-1/H-1 Visa Physicians need the “Right Recruiter“


J-1/H-1 Visa physicians in the United States face many challenges in searching for a waiver position. Yet with the right recruiter, these challenges are not insurmountable. MD Resources has proven to be the “Right Recruiter” for many J-1/H-1 Visa physicians.


MD Resources has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this difficult industry that enables them to successfully guide confused clients through what they believe is a complicated process. They have become specialists in a field that many physician recruiting agencies have abandoned and their work ethic is second to none!


MD Resources physician recruiters specialize in sourcing top-notch jobs for doctors that are seeking their ideal physician practice opportunity. We represent hundreds of J-1 Visa jobs and H1-B visa jobs throughout the US.


Let true professionals that care help you!