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Employer Testimonials

“I have worked with a number of recruiters and found DDS Resources to definitely be at the top of that list! You understood our needs clearly and only referred applicants that met those needs. You kept me informed and responded in a very timely way when I either had questions or needed you to follow-up with the candidate. You also kept the candidate informed and kept the process moving. In turn, my impression was that the dentist was also very pleased with the process. Having both parties feel that they were treated professionally and respectfully is not always the case; you are to be commended for this. I would certainly recommend your firm without reservations."
Julie Schmidt – Family Health Network of Central NY; Cortland, NY


"Northwest Human Services (NWHS) has looked to MD & DDS Resources for help in the recruitment of candidates since 2002. MD & DDS Resources has  provided very qualified applicants; has assisted us in not only looking at our immediate recruitment needs but those 12-24 months into the future; and is the first recruitment agency we have worked with to educate us to the benefits, and walk us through the process of, recruiting J-1 candidates."

Paul Logan – Northwest Human Services; Salem, OR


"Upon signing a contract with DDS Resources, we began to receive CVs for several excellent candidates, which closely matched the criteria we set forth for our position. DDS Resources was tenacious in their efforts to find a number of excellent candidates for positions we have had available. To date, we have hired a several dentists through the efforts of DDS Resources and continue to recommend their services to other practices that are looking to expand."

Mark Rearrick. – Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic; Toppenish, WA


“MD & DDS Resources, Inc is one of the preferred permanent placement agencies that Peak Vista Community Health Center utilizes. We recruited, Dr. Brenda Walker-Conner from MD Resources in January 2007. She has been a great asset to our organization. I will continue to request assistance from this agency as the need arises.”

Tonya Toney – PVCHC; Colorado Springs, CO


"It has been South Cove's and my personal pleasure working with Ed Taaffe and M.D. and D.D.S Resources in finding high quality physicians and dentists to serve the patients at our health center in Boston.  With the difficult challenge of finding Asian speaking physicians and dentists, we have used M.D. and D.D.S. Resources for many years and they have been able to fulfill our needs completely.  It is without hesitation that I recommend Ed Taaffe and M.D. and D.D.S. Resources for their services."

Eugene Welch– South Cove Community Health Center; Boston, MA


“Our agency is located in a remote and desolate area of Colorado. It takes very special dentists that are willing to set aside the benefits of urban life in the interest of providing care to the underserved population. DDS resources have been able to find great matches for our needs."
Jay Brooke – High Plains Community Health Clinic; Lamar, CO


“I have found the services of MD & DDS Resources to be excellent.  Not only are they quick, but they have provided me with a variety of qualified candidates to choose from, that fit the positions that we are seeking to fill” 

 Curtis Hopkins –Liberty ARC; Amsterdam, NY


“I am writing this letter on behalf of MD & DDS Resources, Inc. a physician and dental recruiting service with whom we contract with for candidate placement services.  As CEO of Columbia Basin Health Association (CBHA) in Othello, Washington I have utilized their services for several years.  MD & DDS Resources, Inc. consistently offers a personal approach to finding us the best candidates to meet the needs of our organization.  Through utilization of their services we have hired several medical and dental physicians who continue to have long lasting careers here at CBHA. As a provider of comprehensive medical, dental, mental health and enabling services in rural eastern Washington, we realize the significant need for highly trained individuals who are truly dedicated to providing services to underserved populations and appreciate the work that MD & DDS Resources, Inc. has done to find us candidates who meet that description.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with MD & DDS Resources, Inc. as we work to fill our physician vacancies in an expedient manner.”

Greg Brandenburg – Columbia Basin health Association; Othello, WA


“For the past year, Community Health Center of Snohomish County has enjoyed a good working relationship with MD & DDS Resources.  We have received many quality medical and dental candidates for consideration.  The recruitment staff at DDS took the time to gain knowledge and understand our needs.  Working with them has been a wonderful experience, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them”                                                                                                                             
Kathy Hower – Community Health Center of Snohomish Co; Everett, WA


“I wanted to thank MD & DDS Resources again for their efforts in obtaining a dentist for our practice at Eastport Health Care, Inc.  You have made the experience very enjoyable and much less stressful than my past searches for a provider.  Your demeanor and professionalism were second to none.  I will certainly keep MD & DDS Resources on the top of my list for future provider needs.”

Frederick Conley– Eastport Health Care; Eastport, ME


“We’ve had successful results in placing a dentist couple in our organization through MD & DDS Resources.  Our representative brought to us another couple and within a month we had them contracted and they will begin working as soon as they’re done with school.  MD & DDS Resources was very attentive, supportive and went the extra mile to ensure that the dentists had all the information they needed about our area.  It’s got to be tough to bring a dentist halfway across the United States and to consider moving so far away from their families, but MD & DDS Resources did an excellent job in giving them all the information they needed about our organization and our part of the world.  We are very pleased with his exceptional customer service skills are we are pleased with MD & DDS Resources in providing us now 4 dentists!”

Don McBride– Access Family Care; Neosho, MO


“It has been a pleasurable experience working with MD/DDS Resources.  Okanogan Family Health Centers has worked with MD/DDS Resources for several years.  Approximately two years ago, FHC recruited a dental director and recently two additional dentists for the Okanogan and Brewster clinics, all with the expert assistance of MD/DDS Resources.  The recruiting folks at MD/DDS are professional and very thoughtful when working to find the right dentist(s) for the right clinic.  I look forward to working with MD/DDS Resources as any future recruiting needs arise.”

Bob Dillard - Family Health Centers; Okanogan, WA


“The recruiting firm "MD & DDS Resources" came through for us in a time of need.  Normally we do our own recruiting, but we hit a dry season when we needed a primary care clinician immediately.  They had plenty of CV's of local clinicians and they considered our needs in the process.  Their communication was excellent.  We closed the deal on a great physician and we were relieved.  Their president even lent me some slides for a presentation.  They work well with Community Health Centers as they have an affiliation with [FQHCs].  I highly recommend them as an organization.”

David Silver - Baltimore Medical System; Baltimore, MD


“We have worked with MD & DDS resources for several years and have been very pleased with the results. They have placed a number of outstanding physicians with us during this time. I have found that they screen applicants to ensure the mission of community health and when I contact the applicant they have a good understanding of who we are and what we offer.  My experience has been that all recruiters promise this service, but very few deliver like MD & DDS Resources.”

Tim Speece – Clinica Sierra Vista; Bakersfield, CA


“I confirm that as Director of Human Resources for Cherry Street Health Service I have been working with MD & DDS Resources for over 5 years. During which time they have provided our organization with excellent support in the areas of provider recruitment. The Community Health Service needs unique and talented individuals, and MD & DDS Resources has been able to find those unique and talented individuals we needed.  I can confidently recommend MD & DDS Resources as a solid and reliable business partner in the area of provider recruitment.”

Robert Lackey - Cherry Street Health Services; Grand Rapids, MI


“Keystone Rural Health Consortium has always faced great difficulties in recruiting medical and dental candidates to our rural communities. From the beginning of our search MD & DDS Resources understood our needs, the difficulties we have faced previously, and the type of provider we were looking for. Krista has provided invaluable resources to our recruitment process by assisting us in being more prepared for our interviews. With suggestions that include local gift baskets, lunch with community members, real estate tours, and a broader focus on the positives of our community, I feel we have already greatly improved our chances for recruiting excellent candidates.We were hesitant of the possible expense associated with using outside recruitment agencies, but the feedback and assistance we have received has been priceless. I feel certain that our positions are being well represented to prospective candidates and confident that the candidates we received from MD & DDS Resources have been well screened for our community and opportunity.  I have no hesitation recommending Krista at MD & DDS Resources for physician and dentist recruitment, and look forward to continued success with their assistance.”

Ron Hammersley - Keystone Rural Health Consortia, Inc. Emporium, PA


“I am pleased to write this letter in strong support for MD and DDS Resources, and specifically for Krista Holloway, who has proved to be a great help in recruiting for our organization.


From the first day Krista understood our needs, the difficulties we have faced previously, and the type of provider we were looking for. She communicated with me very openly, honestly and within a week was able to present a suitable candidate. The very first candidate she presented proved out to be an excellent choice, and we were able to recruit him.


The whole process from the initial contact with MD and DDS Resources through the signing of the dentist’s employment contract was flawless and easy. Having been searching for a dentist for over three years, it was a real achievement to hire a dentist within a week of beginning our search with MD and DDS Resources.


I have no hesitation in recommending Krista, and her company MD and DDS resources for physician and dentist recruitment. We certainly will be using them for all our future needs.”

Dr. Ajay Gehlot – Southwest Georgia Health Care, Inc; Cordele, GA


"Our experience with DDS Resources was overwhelmingly positive. A process that I thought would take at the VERY least a month, took DDS Resources less than a week to find eligible candidates for us to interview. Their screening process was thorough, which saved us precious time. The candidates we interviewed were well informed and qualified for our positions. Their professional services helped us fulfill our critical dental needs."
Hap Kelley – Hallmark Dental Care – Overland Park, KS

" DDS Resources understood our rigorous qualifications and worked with us to find the correct candidates for our dental practices. DDS Resources was extremely efficient in their screening process, thereby minimizing the amount of time required in the interview process. Initially, were projecting opening 3 new offices this year, but due to the exceptional candidates we have received from DDS Resources, we now expect to DOUBLE that projection."
Steve Rohrscheib – Summit Dental Management – Eau Claire, WI