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Dentist Testimonials


Below are actual reference quotes from some of the dentistss that have worked with us. We will also gladly supply you with additional references and telephone numbers, if you would like to speak to the dentists directly.

"DDS Resources has recently assisted me in finding an excellent dental job! Having never worked with a recruiting company, and being unfamiliar with what to expect, I was initially very cautious about utilizing the services of a recruiter. My concerns were quickly put at ease by my representative. My recruiter listened to me as I detailed the long list of criteria for my job search, and was able to find my perfect job opportunity. The position I have secured is so much more than I ever expected, and I look forward to a long and prosperous career – all thanks to the recruiters at DDS Resources!"
-- Dr. Lee, DDS

" As a dentist relatively new to the job search scene, I was unsure of what to expect. My recruiter was not only knowledgeable in the field of dentistry, but coached me throughout the process. Based on what I told her about my job search, she was quickly able to connect me with practices that exceeded my expectations. DDS Resources is a top-notch professional organization, and I HIGHLY recommend them."
-- Dr. Nightly, DDS

" DDS Resources was instrumental in locating a quality practice opportunity for me. A brief phone interview with my consultant was all it took to locate available openings that EXACTLY matched what I was seeking. Not only did my representative thoroughly prepare me for the interview and hiring process, but she proved to be invaluable in locating the ideal practice scenario for me."
-- Dr. Huffington, DDS

" As a new dental school graduate, I was unsure of the types of job opportunities available in other states. I found DDS Resources to be a great asset in learning about positions available in other areas. Additionally, my representative was able to provided feedback and follow-up throughout the whole process; including helping me negotiate a great employment offer. I would not hesitate recommending DDS Resources to other people."
-- Dr. Hillyard, DMD

" I was unaware that there was a company committed to the placement of dentists, but was willing to try anything to land a great job. My DDS Resources representative took a great deal of time to understand the types of things that were important not only to me, but also my wife’s career and lifestyle, and was able to use that information to land me a great job in an area where my family is also happily prospering!"
-- Dr. Griffin, DDS

Thank you for taking the time to truly listen and get to know me as a client. I appreciate your willingness to not only find me a job but to find a good fit! You took into account both my personal life and professional life in order to find a job and location that could satisfy both. Your assistance is greatly appreciated--thank you!
-- Dr. Gilbert, DMD


Working with MD & DDS resources has been a fantastic experience. I emailed Krista one day and the very same day received a phone call to discuss my search. The following day she had an interview lined up for me and I signed an employment contract the following week! Thank you MD & DDS Resources!
-- Dr. Valentine, DDS