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Public Health Doctor Jobs Available throughout the U.S.


Find public health doctor jobs nationwide with help from one of the nation’s top medical recruiters, MD & DDS Resources. Our staff has 25 years of combined experience, and each of our expert recruiters are trained extensively in recruiting for a specific specialty in the medical field.  Your personal recruiter will construct a professional profile based on your interests, skills, work experience, and ideal compensation. Your consultant will then use our nationwide network of over 1,300 organizations and 8,000 clinics to find the public health doctor jobs that best match your criteria. We are highly confident that we will be able to find many great job opportunities for you.


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When you contact us, your recruiter will work with you on how to present yourself in the strongest manner possible.  We will offer you valuable tips and strategies to reduce the stress of this often grueling process. You’ll learn how to:


  • Construct professional-looking CVs and cover letters
  • Overcome nerves and succeed in interviews
  • Present yourself professionally to potential employers
  • Decide which offer to accept
  • Negotiate contracts, benefits, and compensation


Through our partnership with FQHCs, we will help you stay updated on the latest public health doctor jobs available in your area. Many of these opportunities have benefits like loan repayment available. View our job board to find these kinds of opportunities, or contact us to learn more.


MD & DDS Resources promises to be the “Right Source for the Right Match.” We stand ready to help you.