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Physician Job Finder Experts: Let Us Handle the Details


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Physician Job Finder Experts: Let Us Handle the Details


The physician job finder experts at MD & DDS Resources handle all the stresses of a professional job search for you.  As a leading medical recruiter in the nation, MD & DDS Resources guarantees that our expert consultants will be able to assist you with your job search needs.  Our staff has 25 years of experience in this competitive industry, and each consultant is specially trained in a particular area of specialization.   As a result, your personal recruiter will have extensive experience in whatever area of the medical field you want to work in.  You can trust us to find jobs which best correspond with your interests and aptitudes.


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Sometimes merely the thought of looking for a physician job seems like a far greater headache than it needs to be.  As a top physician job finder, we know the ins and outs of this often grueling process.  We are dedicated to removing the stress from this process.


We Work with an Extensive Network of Medical Facilities


Among the physician job finder agencies, we stand apart because of our extended network of affiliated medical facilities. Our network is comprised of over 1,300 organizations and 8,000 clinics nationwide. MD & DDS Resource is also proud to be the preferred medical recruiter for many federally qualified health centers nationwide. We also have access to community health jobs in rural and underserved communities.


Loan Repayment Benefits Are Available


We know how hard you have to work to become a board certified physician and know that schooling can be expensive. If you have outstanding loans from school, fill out our Physician Enrollment Form to begin learning more about positions with loan repayment benefits. Many of the opportunities in our physician job finder database have these benefits available.


MD & DDS Resources promises to be the “Right Source for the Right Match.”  We stand ready to help you.