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MD & DDS Resources has been a leading provider of physician recruiting services for over twenty-five years, and we help candidates locate medical doctor jobs.  We value each and every candidate, and we tailor our search to match your individual interests and personal preferences.  Our experts can provide you with a selection of positions that are compatible with your professional goals and aptitudes.


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Our company strives to alleviate your burden of trying to balance your advancing career with your personal life. We know that, as a busy professional, it can be tough to set aside time to analyze your professional goals and look for new medical doctor jobs. When you complete our Physician Enrollment Form now, we will assign you to one of our extensively trained specialists who will help you determine the type of position you are looking for and conduct a search to find it. You will not only receive help with searching for jobs but also with writing resumes, interviewing, accepting, and negotiating employment contracts. Our expert consultants do everything they can to make moving forward in your career a pleasant experience.


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Community Health Centers (CHC): If you wish to devote your time and services to some of our nation’s underserved citizens, we can help.  Many federally qualified health centers have identified MD & DDS Resources as their preferred physician and dental recruiting agency.  Among the medical doctor jobs we have available at our 1,300 organizations and 8,000 clinics, there are many community health center opportunities.  Many of these opportunities are also accompanied by loan repayment benefits.


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