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MD & DDS Resources is a leading provider of medical recruitment services in locating internal medicine positions, and our staff has over twenty-five years of combined experience in the industry.  Our impeccable record stems from the fact that we extensively train all of our expert consultants to focus on a particular area of specialization.  As a result, the consultant with whom you partner has the experience and forethought to avoid the missteps that can cause stress in finding a new position that often occurs when working with a less experienced and/or non-specialized recruiter.  Our personalized approach allows us to understand your internal medicine employment needs and find the right match not just the first match. Your consultant will filter through the internal medicine jobs that fit your criteria and help you prepare to accept the position that is right for you. Let Our Experts Go to Work for You!


Instead of trying to balance your internist jobs search, your internal medicine training, and your personal life, simply contact our internal medicine hiring consultants and let us do the work for you, did we mention our services are free to you!


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Community Health Center Jobs (CHC): If one of your preferences is to serve your community through internal medicine positions and to work with underserved communities in an internal medicine employment role, then we’re the perfect firm for you!  The 8,000 nationwide clinics represented by FQHCs nationwide identifies MD & DDS Resources as their “preferred physician and dental recruiting agency”, and we especially cater to internists looking to give back to their communities.


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We’ll make sure we completely understand your career goals, location preferences, and other occupational needs so that the internal medicine positions we locate for you will match your desires explicitly! We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our services, and we’ll make it our top priority to locate top paying internal medicine positions individually tailored to your goals.