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At MD & DDS resources, we take our responsibilities very seriously in helping our candidates locate family practice positions.


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Our commitment to you is to ensure our candidates receive the finest quality and confidential service available.  You’ll be guided through the job search, interview, and hiring process by one of our recruiters that has received specialized training and has years of experience. 


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Based on a detailed review of what you value in your current work experience, background, family requirements, career aspirations and location preferences we locate and recommend outstanding family practice positions that match your criteria.  We research and evaluate opportunities and then give you insights into position openings that may not be apparent but will definitely influence your decision.  We don’t make the decision for you, but instead provide you with advice that will give you clarity to make your own career decisions.


Job Benefit Options:


Loan Repayment Opportunities:  MD & DDS Resources can provide many options for those looking for loan repayment benefits.  You will get thoughtful recommendations and advice on all the job opportunities presented and their benefits packages.


Community Health Centers (CHC): MD & DDS Resources is the preferred physician and dental recruiting agency of FQHCs. Across the country today some 56 million people lack access to primary care health services.  Find family medicine opportunities with community health centers in rural and inner city neighborhoods and help these underserved communities.


MD & DDS Resources promises to be the “Right Source for the Right Match.”  We stand ready to help you.