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MD & DDS Resources prides itself on being one of the premiere dental recruiting organizations in the industry.  We partner with candidates to provide them with the dental employment opportunities best suited to their interests, preferences, and aptitudes.  If you’re looking for dentist job openings, contact us today to learn more about our dental recruiting services.


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If you’re looking for employment in the dental field, we’ll take over the challenges, stresses, and struggles involved with the dental recruiting process so you don’t waste your time and energy sifting through positions that aren’t for you.  One of our expert consultants will work closely with you to identify your strongest skills as well as your professional aspirations and use that information to find opportunities that best suit you as a dental professional.  We want your experience with dental recruiting to be as stress free as possible!

MD & DDS Resources will be sure to identify the types of organizations you’re interested in working with, then offer a variety of positions from which you can choose to pursue. We’ll even help you create CVs, give you interview tips, and assist you in the negotiation process. We make sure to stay on the cutting edge of the dental recruiting industry, so you get the best opportunities to advance your career.


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With over twenty-five years of experience, MD & DDS Resources understands every step of the dental recruitment process.  Put us to work for you today!


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