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MD & DDS Resources is the preferred physician and dental recruiting agency of FQHCs throughout the US.


Across the country today some 56 million people lack access to primary care health services. Like you, we recognize that in order to truly serve those in need, health centers must expand their operations and develop new centers. However, staffing those new centers will be critical to their overall success.

MD & DDS Resources founded our firm with the objective of providing the healthcare industry with quality providers to fill their critical staffing needs. We are proud of the fact, that for the past ten years, we have made seventy percent (70%) of our placements with community health clinics. Our recruiters fully understand the importance of recruiting, developing, and training community health center workforces across the country.

MD & DDS Resources, Inc is a nationwide physician and dental recruiting agency that shares the vision of all Community Health Centers(CHCs) across the country; to preserve, strengthen, and expand Access to Healthcare for the medically underserved and disenfranchised.

During our tenure of placing physicians and dentists at CHCs, we have seen health centers evolve from small community based organizations into businesses. Like any business, health centers are recognizing the need to leverage additional resources to help them compete. MD & DDS Resources will give your health center the tools it needs to compete in the aggressive market of physician and dental recruiting.

MD & DDS Resources, Inc has worked closely with CHCs in both rural and inner city neighborhoods for many years. We actively participate in CHC conferences at both the national and regional levels, so that we fully understand the concerns and issues facing community health clinics. The knowledge we gain from attending these meetings help us to professionally screen physicians and dentists to find the ones that possess the right calling and work ethic to be a successful healthcare provider at a CHC.

Since we have a proven track record of successfully placing hundreds of physicians and dentists at CHCs, we have negotiated a nationwide contract with our agency to provide our retained services to FQHCs on a contingency basis. This agreement ensures that you receive the same retained services we provide to our other clients without any upfront or monthly fees. As a FQHC, you are receiving our professional recruitment and screening services risk free. You only pay a placement fee when one of our candidates accepts one of your jobs.

This is a non-exclusive search agreement – which means that you are able to utilize other sources for recruitment, and if you should hire a candidate through alternative methods, you are not responsible to pay us any fee.

We have plenty of medical and dental candidates that are actively seeking positions in community health, one who might be an ideal match for your clinic. The first step in getting their credentials in front of you is to sign a copy of our recruitment agreement.

So don’t delay, sign up today! Call us at 636-536-6656 or email us at info@mdr-inc.com and we will forward you one of our recruitment agreements.