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Dentist Jobs

Trying to find dental jobs can seem like full-time work. Wading through want ads in trade journals, searching Internet job boards, compiling and sending out cover letters and resumes — the search is exhausting, especially when your efforts don’t pay off with a job.

Why waste your time and energy searching for your ideal dentist job, when we’ll do all the work for free?

DDS Resources is the premier dental recruitment agency in the U.S. We specialize solely in matching qualified dentists with dental employers and provide dental job candidates with professional recruitment services for every element of their employment search. From identifying practice opportunities and CV preparation, to handling interviews and negotiating contracts, we take active steps to find the perfect jobs for dentists. 


We’re the dentist recruitment specialists.

Successful dental recruitment is more than just sending out CVs and writing letters to potential employers. It requires specialized skills, a unique understanding of the dental industry, and the ability to guide and support job candidates through every step of the recruiting process. 

It’s like having a personal dental employment coach.

At DDS Resources we spend time with you to make sure we fully understand your needs, explore different options with you, and offer advice on every aspect of your dentist job search. Then we work closely with dental practice administrators, community health centers, private practice dentists, and dental management companies to uncover excellent job opportunities that match your particular skills and requirements.

Before you begin, prepare for your search by having these things available:

a. A current CV/Resume  (Click Here to view sample CVs.)

b. Production numbers or equivalent

c. Letters of Recommendation

d. References

Starting your Dental job search is quick and easy!

Why wait any longer? Get started today by calling 636-536-6656, or upload your CV and provide your contact information and we will initiate a customized search for you.


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