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Informative Guidelines About Thesis Statement

Convincing your reader about your point of view is central to an essay writer while writing the essay. The part where you communicate this part with the audience is the thesis statement. A good thesis statement can make or break your essay. But since the thesis is an integral part of the essay, you should be well versed in creating one.  






What is a Thesis Statement?

The thesis statement is written to answer the question that is posed in the write my essay prompt. It is a claim about the subject of the topic that no doubt contestable is presented as reasonable by using evidence and examples to back it up. The thesis presents the claim in a clear and concise manner in the introduction paragraph,  letting the reader know the purpose of the essay without any further ado.

Thesis Statement Examples

  • The main effect that the end fall of the Berlin War and the following end to the Cold War was not just stopping the spread of communism but replacing it with liberal democracy the American way of life.


  • There is a need to replace the factory-like education system in our schools, as it oriented to produce an industry-related workforce. 


  • Our school education system should abolish exams, as the students study only for grades and lack in-depth knowledge about the subject.


  • The sanitation problem in India needs to be resolved as it has been linked to various transmitted diseases amongst the rural population.


  • Though the construction of dams improves the agriculture and power sector, the ecological impact of dams outweighs the benefits in the long run.


More About Thesis Statements

The Thesis Statement is not a fact or an opinion

The thesis statement should be more than a statement, idea, or fact. It can’t be a statement that cannot be argued upon or something that doesn’t answer a question. The thesis statement must have various stances and it should give the opportunity for readers to disagree or agree with you. Many essay writing service falter when they don’t put much emphasis on writing the thesis statement.


It is used to answer the ‘Why’ and ‘What’ questions, that the opinion statements and facts can’t. Why the argument’s persuasive or important, and what is the argument. 


Opinions are a poor choice for the thesis statement:


  • The depleting Arctic ice is threatening for polar wildlife and marine animals.


  • Ground-based Astronomy and the various observatories are under threat from increasing satellites.


  • Smoking can cause various heart-related problems. 


  • Plastic pollution is a major environmental problem. The garbage patches in the oceans of the world are frightening indicators— The Great Pacific Garbage Patch covers an area of 1.6 million square kilometers and is ever-growing. To come up with a perfect thesis that suits your essay question, you can consult a free college essay writer or editor, or you can seek help from a peer.


Thesis Statement Roadmap

The thesis road map is usually part of the thesis statement in the shorter essays. For longer ones, it can take its own paragraph. However, in both cases, the thesis roadmap or preview will come right after the thesis.


Here you will tell the reader how the various ideas and arguments are organized. By providing the argument with a direction you make sure that the body doesn’t stray from the main thesis. It’s better to present the ideas in an organized manner, rather than throwing ideas at the reader in a disjointed manner. 


By telling the reader the arguments that you are going to propose to defend your thesis. An online essay writer not only provide your reader with signposts but also allow yourself to stick to an organized presentation.

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