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Job Title: Outpatient Position in Southeastern WY!
State: Wyoming
Region: United States
Position Description:

 Wonderful Outpatient Position in Southeastern Wyoming!

Job Description

Details about the Opportunity:

-          Need Green Card or be U.S. citizen

-          Extremely competitive pay and benefits! 

-          Outpatient position with telephone call 1:7

-          Fully supported position with administration and mid-levels. 

-          Must be Board Certified 

-          State of the art facility with full-service lab, x-ray, mammo and dexa in office.


Location Description

Details about the Community:

This opportunity is located in a medium-sized community where you can partake in all aspects of life. Shopping, hiking, skiing, fishing, and night life is available. This is a great place to raise a family as well and is very accommodating to single life.  


Surrounded by rolling prairie, this opportunity is located between the North and South Platte rivers. The Laramie Mountains 30 miles west of the city form a ridge that is part of the Rocky Mountain range and that significantly influences local temperature and weather. Winds passing over the ridge from the northwest through the west to southwest produce a Chinook effect, particularly during the winter. (Chinooks are warm, moist winds from the sea.) Because of the terrain and wind patterns, you will experience wide daily temperature fluctuations of 30 degrees in the summer and about 23 degrees in the winter. Snow falls during late winter and early spring, with yearly snowfall averaging 51.3 inches.



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