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Job Title: * Dentist *
State: Kansas
Region: United States
Position Description:

General dentist

Job Description


Staff Dentist Position
-The  dental director will be moving on in 3-4 years
-The incomng dentist should have strong leadership skills, as they would be up for a promotion during this -time frame.
-This position will have a 4 day work week.
-Dentist will perform a variety of dentistry(general, crowns, dentures, etc.)
-Wide age range of patients are seen, including some children.
Benefits include:
-Paid family health insurance
-401k(if the dentist puts 2% down, the clinic will put 5.5% down)
-Willing to pay 140-145k (base) with a production bonuses.
(New grad base salary would be lower than this)
**This is a state of the art dental facility. all electronic systems and equiptment.
Nothing in over 5 years old.**
Other staff members include 1 dentist (has been there 18mo.) and 3 hygenists
Location Description

 In central Kansas, 3 hours from both Wichita and Topeka